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Jumbo HP Trauma Kit

Contains 10 large HP Medicine items. For use outside of battles. Will heal a Hero's HP by 2000 points

Month of Sanctuary

Allows players to station a Hero in the City Defense Office's Hero Sanctuary for 28 days. While there, a Hero will automatically receive experience points, which will be calculated according to th...

Beautiful Pearl

Presenting this gift to a friend will increase your Friend Level from Lv. 4 to Lv. 5.

A Jar of Stars

Presenting this gift to a friend will incerese your Friend Level form Lv3 to Lv4.

Hero Alias

Single-use item which instantly changes a Hero's name.

Platinum Treasure Box

The mysterious “Platinum Treasure Box” contains a lot of equipment and Shop items. It may also contain Gem of Fortune, Untouchable, Refined Gold Gem, Lv. 80 Purple Equipment (Including Weapons), us...