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Добро пожаловать в игру MinistryofWar! Вы теперь играете в самую продвинутую браузерную игру в мире. Раздел Введение пункта поможет вам узнать об использовании некоторых элементов. Также некоторые новые детали будут обновляться здесь.

Platinum Key

It can be used to open a “Platinum Treasure Box”.

Jade Hare Ornament

It is used as a key to open a Moonlight Treasure Box.You will have a chance to get all kinds of resources, equipments and skill books from the box.

Large Experience Capsule

When equipped to a Hero, it will automatically store Exp gained from battling NPCs and The Ladder of Arcadia to transfer to another Hero. Can hold a maximum of 4,000,000 Exp, and can be used up to ...

Advanced Exp Book

Increases all Hero Experience gains by 100% for 6hours.

Hero Turnstile Order Pack

Use it to receive 20 Recruitment Orders, which immediately refresh your City's entire Tavern.

Titan HP Medicine

Instantly recover 3000 HP. Does not share a cooldown with normal Health items.